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    2011 Anejo/Opus X Superbowl Pool

    Thanks Ketch! I had a lot of fun with this board this year. Congrats to all the winners.
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    Thats a real shame your Yankees lost yesterday... GO TEXAS!!!

    Thats a real shame your Yankees lost yesterday... GO TEXAS!!!
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    Happy 22nd Birthday John

    Wow, sorry I never posted anything back! I just found out the other day that this is where birthday posts are located! Anyways thank you all for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate it!
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    Happy Birthday Joe G,

    Happy Birthday Joe and damnit, The Dalmore only has one L!!!
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    Cabinet humidor opinions

    Thanks guys for the advice. The store owner is saying that it lists for around 2500 and I do a lot of business with him and he said he would go down to 1850 for me after taxes. I have about 1500-1700 cigars right now spread between a range of 50 count humi's up to the 400 count God of Fire...
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    Cabinet humidor opinions

    Hey there, I have a humidor problem! I have 15 desktop humidors and I am starting to think its time to get some sort of larger cabinet humidor. I was at a tobacco shop by my house and the owner told me about this cabinet humi that he has ordered a few of and offered me one because he thought it...