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    What beer did you drink today (2016)

    After yard work tonight, incredible grapefruit aroma, very smooth and refreshing. Awesome summer brew!
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    Anyone else using a cpap machine?

    Very interesting and informative thread. Doc has been trying to get me to do a sleep study for awhile now. I finally agreed to it and insurance would only approve a home study, which actually might not be so bad, I was literally dreading the other. I had been putting off scheduling the home...
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    What beer did you drink today (2016)

    If it was last year's batch you tried I agree. The years prior have been better IMO, but it is definitely a lighter session type beer. If you can get your hands on a Squashed it won't disappoint.
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    What beer did you drink today (2016)

    Mother's is one of my favorite craft breweries. MILF is probably their best brews, Making Trouble, D'Lila, and Squashed come in a close second. Lil Helper and Winter Grind are solid go to brews.
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    Transtional / Starter Islay Scotch

    Yes, this works!!! :thumbs: I jumped into Islay with a bottle of Laphroaig 10, a couple weeks ago. The first glass was unbelievable, I'd never tried anything besides the typical speysides. This was something completely different, it made me go WOW! The peat was almost all I tasted and...
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    Anejo's and Tar

    It was around 50 degrees a couple weeks ago when I had tar issues. This is all pretty interesting, I'd bet that storage condition don't matter all that much. Whether you store at 63%/65 degrees, 65%/65 degrees, or 70%/70 degrees would only mean that tar would develop at slightly different...
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    Anejo's and Tar

    Smoked a 2002 Anejo 46 a week or two ago, lots of tar. I've noticed that a larger snip seems to help. I also have always wondered if weather conditions play a role in tar development, I've smoked the same cigar and one day no problems, other days lots of tar. It seemed like on days with a...
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    has not set their status

    has not set their status
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    Starter scotch?

    Macallan 12 year Fine Oak. :love: Which reminds me I need to pick up a bottle!
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    A. Fuente New Year's Ultimate Sampler

    I've got a back up and still can't imagine smokin' one :laugh:
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    Good tips!

    I doubt he was messing with you, why would someone carry around a bunch of fakes unless he thought they were legit. Smoke it.... if it tastes like a donkey's ass, probably fake, otherwise :thumbs:
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    15ct Travel Humidors - $23.99 FREE SHIPPING

    OK...I'll bite :D Thanks Rod!
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    Thanks to dav1041 for ruining everything!

    Funny....I felt the EXACT same way about your avatar! :thumbs: You'll enjoy all of the others, and if you don't LMK!
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    Mom was robbed

    :thumbs: The only other thing I can think of is: D: No need to fingerprint if the ID of the suspect is already known, I'm assuming of course that your mom knew this guy before she let him house sit. But, I agree that the only thing criminal here is the cash taken out of the lock box...
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    How's Fuel Prices in Your area?

    $1.59 here in KC, I filled up for $17....I can't believe I paid close to $60 to fill up the same car last summer. How come groceries haven't come down, supposedly prices went up this past summer because of gas. I believe that milk is still close to $4 a gallon... still trying to figure that...