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    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2021)

    Finishing up this nice sunny Hump Day here in the Suburbs of Hell with a Jai Alai IPA from Cigar City Brewery in Tampa. One of my favorites. Edit: on the bottom it says canned 4/20/21. Nothing like a fresh can of beer!
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    Happy birthday Pugman1943!

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Pugman!
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    Today's Smoke 2021

    Hell, even I can do better than that.
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    Today's Smoke 2021

    This was a really nice cigar. I think I'm starting to get the idea about Cubans. Thank you, CgarDan!!
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    Nostalgia Playlist

    Justin - check your PMs.
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    Nostalgia Playlist

    A record player, eh. Any idea what he wants it for? Does he intend to start collecting vinyl? Old or new vinyl? To play through what kind of system? Or are you looking for some kind of all-in-one setup, turntable/receiver/? I could talk all day about turntables. I have at least 6 or 8...
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    Need a New Front Entrance Door

    Any guy named streetrod is good in my book! Enjoy!
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    WTF! Jared Nomack is a steely eyed missile man

    I haven't had much time for this wonderful hobby lately, but happy to share with such fine people! Hope to see you guys on a herf again soon! Mark
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    Padron - Accepting orders

    New guy confirming, I ordered from Jim in the last round, a real pleasure to do business with!
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    Today's Smoke 2021

    Finally no work, no rain... waiting for food delivery last night, knowing I wouldn't have time to finish anything, grabbed an AJ Fernandez San Lotano Dominicano torpedo, picked up cheap a while back. Been in dry box for a week or so with various others. Kinda suprised me, I enjoyed it so much...
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    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2021

    Looks like it didn't slow you down, that's quite a haul! I've heard similar about that place, will have to check it out myself at some point. Please let me know next time you'll be up in Westchester, work has kept me from any kind of enjoyment lately but it's gotta let up sometime....
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    I've seen people shoot every kind of shotgun at trap ranges. I mostly shoot at a public range, and it's not snooty at all. The clubs, otoh,... well, yeah. I have the same attitude, they can bite my ass. Particularly if I'm shooting above 15 or so. Still, it is what it is.
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    I think most people use a single for trap. The Browning BT-99 is well regarded. The Stevens 555 is pretty affordable. Some of the Italian makes are quite nice. Funny thing about trap, trap shooters can be kinda snooty. Including about the make of gun you're shotting. :]
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    For what purpose? Can't go wrong with a Citori, of course. But I have a Charles Daly trap gun that is very nice, and for a lot less money. I've read that some of the Daly's are basically Citoris (part interchangeable). I don't know if that's true but I really like the Daly.
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    What kind of shotgun are you interested in? (None of mine are for sale, I'm just curious.)