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    I have sad news.

    Rest in peace, brother. A prayer and grievances for his family. I can only imagine the loss. John
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    3 years today

    Congratulations Rob. Lets go with 360 and another three years. John
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    Prayers for anvil

    I hope all is well soon, Dave. Let me know if theres anything I can do. John
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    Your favorite corn recipe?

    I like to husk mine and place it in tinfoil add 1.5 tbsp of butter a liberal amount of parmesan cheese fine and freshly grated with a bit of chile powder a couple pinches of salt then squeeze some lime on it. Throw it on the bbq and cook to your preference. Btw E send me some of those kabobs...
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    Supply of Cigars/ My First Contest! - Contest Done

    I'm at 75 right now which is about 10% of where it was a year ago, and 1% of what I'd like it to be. Needless to say I need less bills and more cigar budget. Thanks for the contest. John
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    Golf GPS or Laser Range Finder?

    Laser range finder imo. If you like to shoot or hunt its indispensible. As for the GPS if you can't use a map maybe you should just stay inside. J/K I'm also biased because I want LRF. John
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    Happy Birthday Insight

    You're a whore. Don't shoot yourself in the foot ??? ;) John
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    To the CP Chat Whores

    Why don't you ride your bike to my place and give me cigars. TIA, John
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    Rough times....

    I'm sorry to hear that Rob. I hope your parents get well soon. John
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    Army surplus store search?

    The only one that comes to mind that sold military surplus is Sportsmans Guide. Might not be exactly what you were looking for but I hope this helps. John
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    Happy birthday Martin2d!

    Happy birthday bud. Have a good one. John
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    WVO Conversion

    Hell Ya! Just as long as you introduce me to all of your crickets. John
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    WVO Conversion

    Thanks for the replies. I plan on selling my truck and buying an earlier model dodge or ford longbed p/u. I've been getting more and more interested in the alternative fuels given the economy and current gas prices. It'd be nice to be able to take a road trip and not have to take out a second...
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    WVO Conversion

    Wondering if any one has converted a truck. I'm a carpenter and have no choice but to own a fuel guzzling wallet slayer. My biggest question is if with modest amount of tools and auto know-how would I be able to convert a diesel? Or maybe a few forum recommendations. I want to run SVO, no...
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    New Maple Ashtray Just Completed

    That is a nice piece of work. What kind of finish did you use? I love the figuring on the side. John