Hi. The user name &quot;jorel&quot; is actually Jor-El - superman's father's name. <br />
<br />
Address is John Buchholz, 11 Grand Street, Bethel, CT 06801 (203-948-4550)<br />
<br />
Still relatively new to enjoying cigars. Tried my first cigar with a friend in 1998. Since about 2006 have had a few cigars a week. Have moved to bolder, spicier lines. <br />
<br />
Have been able to enjoy a few Cuban cigars when traveling outside of the US (at least I think they were real). These included Cohiba, Bolivar and Partagas (Series D). &quot;Chumps&quot; box split has included Bolivar Gold Medals (awesome).<br />
<br />
For cigars purchased in the US, I have liked:<br />
Most anything by AF (Hemingway, Opus X, Forbidden X, Anejo, Don Carlos)<br />
CAO LX2, Italia, Brazilia, Bratalia<br />
LFD<br />
Tatuaje (prefer brown label - love them all)<br />
Punch Champion<br />
Padron 1964<br />
Partagas - especially 95 Decadas<br />
Davidoff Maduro R (simply an outstanding cigar)<br />
Illusione (haven't had a bad one of any size)<br />
Diamond Crown Maximus<br />
La Aurora Conn and Maduro Preferido<br />
El Triunfador (bought my first box 4/09)<br />
Padron 26 80th (thanks Anthem)<br />
<br />
I guess for Wishes - I am a high-end Maduro fan of all kinds. Will beg for Forbidden X.

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John Buchholz
11 Grand Street
Bethel, CT 06801
Mar 8, 1964 (Age: 58)
Bethel, CT