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    No idea if you’ve taken action yet but late last year I got some Trijicon tritium sights on closeout from Midway for about $110 for my HK VP9. HK installed them for $55 shipped. I’m going to go ahead and disagree with some very knowledgeable people here and present a case for a home defense...
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    All Bullshit Aside

    Are current production CCs worth long term investment and storage, in particular RASS? I’ve finally reached a point of having some disposable income where cigars are concerned. And lo, my long deferred dream of laying down 50 cabs of RASS annually is nigh. Yet I’ve heard that there’s been a...
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    Happy birthday Juanote!

    Thanks everyone! Apologies for being late to the party
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    Thanks. As I said I’m out of town. I’ve spoken with him over the phone a few times, he’s having to deal with workers comp issues right now because I think short term disability or whatever he was on is about to run out. But I think he’s in good shape there. Also he just had to put his dog down...
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    Cigar Page Sale

    Well I haven’t had any luck figuring it out.
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    Cigar Page Sale

    Yard gars... my dreams are now crushed...🥺😢😉 Good to know, I’ll steer my neighbor towards these, he likes longer formats and is known to be cheap and not overly discriminating. He’s been burying my cheapies for years and loving them. Still, there can’t be that many 8 x 50 Nicaraguan DC’s. I...
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    Cigar Page Sale

    First quality Nicaraguan overruns: They can’t disclose the blend / marca but suggest that it may be possible to guess based on the listed formats, wrappers, etc. Any guesses? Depending on the factory / blend these might be a rare...
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    Happy 244th Birthday to the US NAVY

    Happy birthday swabbys
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    Outdoor Space Heater

    Due to the inverse square law and depending on the strength of the source, yes. However it’s the best way to heat an area that is open to drafts or the outside, which is why it’s the preferred type to use for livestock and in barns for example. That’s because of the three types of heat transfer...
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    Outdoor Space Heater

    What he said. Infrared propagation is unaffected by wind or temperature.
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    Thanks for the replies and support offered, just to fill in a few more details he is on short term disability or something like it and is getting some type of treatment and counseling. The main thing I heard that concerned me is that since he has stopped the alcohol that severe nightmares and an...
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    Hi there. Looking for some general advice on how to help a friend with PTSD. He’s an LEO who took a man’s life in the line of duty nearly 10 years ago. So far it has cost him a marriage, years of coping via alcohol, and now that he’s finally been diagnosed possibly his working life. He has...
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    Storing boxes in humidor

    Cabs conform more closely and uniformly to ambient conditions than dress boxes, but both can be stored the same.
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    Difficulties with dry boxing

    For the safety of the people living there, you ought to dehumidify your house to 60 RH or lower. It won’t harm your cigars either.