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    Today's Smoke 2021

    Illuisone 88 (got it right this time)
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    Happy Thread

    Yeah, this one didn't go where I thought it was headed, either. But, good for Dog!
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    Bingo Bomb!

    Those numbers are fake and corrupt. Since I don't have either of those numbers on my card, there must be other numbers picked that you are really hiding from us somewhere. I demand a re-draw. Or I'mma riot and storm your house.
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    I haven't compared prices for them yet - just looked at what they stock. Seems they have a few sticks that I'd buy at my regular shopping places, so if CM is reasonably priced, I would also support them when time comes for another online restock.
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    Don’t leave your home!!!!

    ALWAYS leave a light on. Noob.
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    Happy Thread

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    Happy Thread

    Only thing that would have made me happier is if Alabama actually lost, too, and ND moved up into a CFP spot -- so they can get blown out again in the semifinals...
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    Unhappy Thread

    The problem is two-fold: First, NL is a major port of entry via both sea and air from all areas of the globe, internationally -- it also has (usually) open borders with the rest of the EU. No different than driving from state to state, really. Most US states are larger than this whole...
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    Dry Boxing

    I use a small tube from there in my dry box -- either will get the job done for you, but the tube will probably take up less real estate. I recharge all of my beads in various storage areas about once a month, or so, as needed (more white than clear beads, or I notice a fluctuation in humidity...
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    Unhappy Thread
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    Bingo Bomb!

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    College Football

    I'm with you today on this one!
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    New to me; I'll give it a look-see and report back.
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    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    Happy Benniversary! Not sure of the codes/years for most of these -- sorry. -Montecristo Double Edmundo -Cohiba Panatela -H. Upmann Regalias -Partagas Short
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    Today's Smoke 2021

    V-Herf night! I *think* I have these correct: -Montecristo Double Edmundo -Cohiba Panatela -H. Upmann Regalias -Partagas Short