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    Too many options!

    Well, $5 at MSRP isn't going to get you too many really amazing cigars, but plenty in the "good enough" category. There are plenty of deals across the interwebs that crop up now and again that will allow you to buy amazing cigars if you're willing to be patient and strategic and buy at the box...
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    RFID Credit card.

    My Chase bank cards are getting replaced with Chip/Pin/RFID models. No issues yet, not really worried too much about fraud since I have quite a few cards if one is compromised. Its just a bit of a pain, but not an emergency. This discussion has me thinking about a blocking wallet... RFID is...
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    Noob questions on ageing.

    Yea, there are different kinds of aging particularly for non-Cubans. Aging in the factory cold room to make finished cigars ready for commercial release - these cigars are ready to smoke once delivered, though sometimes manufacturers rush a product. Home aging after purchase to extend the aging...
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    Its been nine years, Cigar Pass...

    Yea, I recall you sent me a bunch of crusties. There were some connies and Puros Indios in there too...
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    Its been nine years, Cigar Pass...

    I think I joined about 2 months into a deployment to Iraq, way back in 2010. I'm not as active these days, but I stop in to read and use the search feature daily. ;) As I think I said last year, thanks to all of you. Your contributions and class, or at least sense of humor, are what makes...
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    Set and Forget settings.

    Can someone point me to a resource on programming and re-calibrating my set-and-forget? I'd like to adjust the alarm set points and how frequently it cycles the circulation fans.
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    Understanding will come soon.

    Ummm... 9500 1123 9652 9058 4411 50
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    Kid Montana, come sit up on Santa!

    Well Santa, I'm smoking the lancero you sent, and holy moley, its delicious. Amazing flavors and all around perfect smoke. Thanks again for such a great selection.
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    Kid Montana, come sit up on Santa!

    Wow Santa, you really do know what I like. I got a box dropped off, that had exactly what I wanted; cigars familiar, unusual, and a little (or lot) crusty. I love all of it! Now to see how much of this I can smoke before Saturday. :D :D :D Thanks and Merry Christmas!
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    Santa's Helper Thread

    Whatsamattawidyou, Santa?
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    Kid Montana, come sit up on Santa!

    Thanks Santa, I'll try to spy, to see if reindeer really know how to fly... :D
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    Kid Montana, come sit up on Santa!

    Hi Santa, in case you plan on visiting late, I'll be in Montana for Christmas, so after the 22nd I will not be at my address.
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    Christmas Thots?
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    Kid Montana, come sit up on Santa!

    Good to see you again Santa. It has been an up and down year. I thought I was mostly good though. This year I branched out and have been trying some newer cigars. My favorite brands are your normal familiar ones, Black Label, Oscar, Arturo Fuente, La Flor Dominicana, Drew Estate, Crowned...