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    Quad State Herf 12 - July 29th, 2017

    Yessir, it's Anthony.
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    Quad State Herf 12 - July 29th, 2017

    Charlie, As always - well done brother. We appreciate all the hard work you and Beth put into this event every year and it shows. We had a hell of time again this year and going down a day earlier hit the spot. We call it the Testosterone pre-party.;) An abundance of booze, cigars, good food...
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    Isolation Floating Chamber

    Bill, my reply could go so many ways brother so I'll just..... I wish brother.;)
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    Quad State Herf 12 - July 29th, 2017

    Charlie, Hope all is well brother. Check is in the mail tomorrow morning and thanks for putting this together. Looking forward to it again. 9405 5036 9930 0061 5083 60
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    La Escepcion Selectos Finos 2011

    Price continues to climb on this one. One great smoke for sure and if there is a split, I'd be willing to jump in. Just checked my humi and down to about half a dozen.
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    Isolation Floating Chamber

    No, not yet but I googled it and piqued my interest. Michael, I did it near Boston. You should be able to find one in the city. These have been around since the late 50's and are now becoming a new craze again especially in spa etc. Just make sure they're clean and filter/sanitize the water...
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    Bill's back Contest Update

    Bill, those are all dog rockets and you know it too! How could you possibly let our fellow brothers smoke those? Send them over for proper disposal. ;)
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    Isolation Floating Chamber

    Go for it brother. My nephew was the one that convinced me to do it and did the research on it. It was $75 for the 90 minutes and on par with the price of a massage. ETA: Next time I'm going to have a glass of good o bourbon before I enter the tank. :D
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    Isolation Floating Chamber

    Hope all is well with everyone. Has anyone ever tried it? I finally got a chance to do it today. 90 minutes in a enclosed 7x4 isolation floating chamber filled with a foot of epsom filled water in complete darkness and sound proof. Nothing but your thoughts. You basically float in the epsom...
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    Bill's Back Contest: San Cristobal Fabuloso

    Screw the reviews Bill. Boar is the winner hands down brother. Boobies always win. :)
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    The "Bill's Back" Contest

    Welcome back dick!
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    In memory of MadMonk

    WTF? Danno really? Definitely one of the good guys out there for sure and always willing to share some cigar knowledge. RIP Danno.
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    Happy Birthday MadMonk!

    Happy Belated Birthday Dan!