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    is grateful

    is grateful
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    Heeeere Jonesy!

    Oh man, you may not have heard 'em, but you could certainly smell 'em! Mr Fields nearly evacuated the creek bed at least once!
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    Heeeere Jonesy!

    Here's the originals: These fuggers were good!
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    Obtaining Automotive Service Records

    I believe the vehicle reports encompass the most complete list available. Oftentimes the seller will actually pay for that report themselves only so they can prove to buyers that thier vehicle is in the clear, but even if you have to pay, who cares? Money well spent to be...
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    Search is your friend!

    Just get a used Impreza =)
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    Any fog punks out there?

    Props Audio! I gotta tell ya, they just dont make it like they used to!
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    Cigar Band Table Project:

    Holy god what a terrible sight that is! ...your beer's empty!
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    Lost One

    I can think of nothing to say but my prayers are with you and your family.
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    Microsoft Deal

    It's not photoshop, but an extremely well put together free open source alternative: I've made the switch on my home machine, as you may suspect it's a deep rabbit hole learning a new photo editor, but it's well laid out. I...
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    Microsoft Deal

    Definitely a good deal, if you like 2007 (personally I can't stand it) I feel I should mention Open Office as well, free open source alternatives I've got this loaded on my flash drive as a portable app, no install needed: Linked to Sourceforge file download
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    Hemi down! :(

    Sorry to hear the terrible news Gary, make sure ya talk to a good lawyer! Best wishes!
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    Any vegetable gardeners out there?

    I'm not a gardener, but I'd seen some good stuff in my favorite publication MAKE Magazine: Great 'backyard farm' strategies: Timed drip irrigation:
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    Who is stationed in IRAQ

    Keep your head down Jay, be careful!
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    Hermione flashing... again?

    That's totally messed up Tom! Here's the real link gents, enjoy! ~R
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    ISO: Surly Furious

    Wanda was hot, but Winnie Cooper was hotter! Too bad ya dont look like Fred Savage!?!!