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    Pork Belly...What Shall Thy Become?

    I bought side of a pig from a guy I know. A butcher took care of it but I brined my own ham. Got the stuff here: It may give you some ideas. I did the Honey Ham Brine and it came out great. The butcher smoked the bacon for me so I didn't do that but I would imagine 5...
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    NERF 2011?

    I haven't heard anything yet.
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    Dunhill Nightcap

    If you want something along those lines that has a stronger flavor try Ashton Artisan's Blend.
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    Ploom - new high tech pipe, for cigar smokers?

    I think it looks interesting. Could replace minis and such. If I could load a pod with pipe tobacco and it passes the wife sniff test (nothing has yet) so I could be inside in the winter I'd give it a shot.
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    My Pipe Project - FINISHED!

    Very very nice, The grain looks great.
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    Search Broken?

    I hit "view new content" which comes back with zero. While it could be true I doubt it.
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    Post up your seafood sources

    At the Y? I thought they only served banana clams. Seaport fish Market in Rye.
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    What is your favorite Coen Brother movie?

    O'Brother was funny. True Grit is a great movie. I generally don't like remakes but from what I've heard I see this one in the theaters.
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    Going Full Grain

    Oh and that kettle and wort chiller are top notch. Your wife is a nice one. Now go brew something she likes.
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    Going Full Grain

    I made a 10 gallon cooler for the mash that holds at least 15 pounds of grain (the most I've done) but it should hold more. It was really simple. It's the standard orange water cooler, you see 5 gallon ones strapped to trucks, at sport events etc. Same set up as here but I made it myself with a...
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    Short Panetela or Petit Corona Suggestions

    La Riqueza #5 Vegas panetella Famous Buenos Maduritos
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    20,000 Post Count Users

    Some one dust me off. I heard there were whores about.
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    Jefferson County authorities bust cigar-counterfeiting ring

    Frankly I find it funny that someone counterfeits a cigar that is actually a counterfeit of a real cigar.