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    Box opening and review - TATUAJE T110 "Thermonuclear"

    I know, I’m the asshat of the group. It’s in my dry box, it will go up. My apologies with the time.
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    Default color scheme

    I don’t mind but will take some getting used to.
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    Box opening and review - TATUAJE T110 "Thermonuclear"

    Sorry been busy training at work. Off this weekend so will get it done.
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    Upgrades coming soon...

    I do like the fact that that when photos open up it doesn’t push the page down. I used to have to hunt for new posts on some threads with a lot of pictures.
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    Happy Thread

    Happy to hear you didn’t win the Darwin Award.
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    Happy Thread

    So now would not be a good time to remind you that Hawaii does in fact have a snake?
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    Said goodbye to my brother today!

    Sorry to hear about your loss Anthony. Best wishes to you and your family.
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    **FREE** Random pick a slot CONTEST.

    Lucky number 9.
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    Today’s Smoke 2018

    Up to bat tonight.
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    Happy Birthday CMontoya

    Happy belated C.
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    In need of advice......

    One thing you can do is talk to a tax or financial adviser on how to prepare for and use the money in different scenarios ( move or extended unemployment). That could take some of the worry off you and your wife.
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    Golfgar, You didn’t escape.

    Happy belated Larry. Hope it was a good one.
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    In need of advice......

    I read an article about this yesterday and my first thought was to wonder if this applied to you. I can’t and won’t say if you should take it, but an offer like this should always be considered even if you were happy with the job. The question to be asked is will a round of layoffs follow...
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    Now Playing....(Movies and Reviews)

    Watched Prodigy last night. Good movie.
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    Hurricane Florence

    Thought I would share this. USS Narwhal at the bottom of the Cooper River in Charleston, SC right after Hurricane Hugo.