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(Personal Photo left to right<br /> Brian, Me, AVO, Loren, Ron)<br /><br />I have been doing the cigar smoking thing for almost a decade now and all I can say is I am a cigar lover. Besides just smoking I have worked in a couple shops to help &quot;feed the habbit&quot;. <br /><br />I like strong spicy cigars such as Opus X, Ashton VSG, La Gloria Cubana R, LG, La Flor Dominicana, and so on. As for the ISOM type put a Bolivar or Romeo in my hands and I will be in heaven.<br /><br />Even though I like many of the more expensive cigars I don't spoil myself. Cigars such as Indios and Oliva help to fill my humidor.<br /><br />Hope I can provide something to the community as I tend to cubby hole many cigars and let them age. If you are lucky some of them my come your way.<br /><br />PM for my addy<br /><br />--Stuff I have done--<br />Well if you want to know hit me with a PM<br /><br />Things I want:<br />-any Casa Fuente (Thanks Smokyballs, OutlawD and MrPeat)<br />-Opus X A<br />-Fuente BBMF and LBMF (Thanks Mr.Peat)<br />-Partagas Lusitania,Presidente<br />-Padron Millenium<br />-Davidof Millenium A<br />-Partagas 150 (any size)(Thanks Smokyballs)<br />-any good cigar :)(Thanks to many a BOTL)
Dec 17, 1980 (Age: 43)




"I like smoke more than air. If I could I would smoke in my sleep,and I will smoke even after I am dead."
--Null terminated, little endian, ASCII
--You should be offended.


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