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    This guys name is "tony" (me too) his bday is today (me too)...... This guy isn't me fyi.
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    Happy birthday OpisXKC

    HI ;) Thanks for the birthday wishes all.
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    RIP Smokyballs

    1 year ago... miss you buddy
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    RIP Smokyballs

    A final toast and a final smoke. His scotch from his glass smoking his sticks, many of them in the humidor were ones we gave him that he never got to. Smoke the best you've got when you get them you may never have another chance.
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    My Nightmare Cigar...

    OH GOD....Malort....yep had it, and it is "unique"
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    Ghost Pepper Challenge - Contest

    Well, I'm out :cool:
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    RIP Smokyballs

    Was cleaning up some stuff on the laptop and found these, so I figured I had to share.
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    Researchers use a synthetic 'tongue' to sort out whiskies

    Thank you science, not that I needed you to know good whiskey from bad, but thanks anyway :cool:. Read more at:
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    Today's Smoke 2017

    A. Flores Serie Pravada Capa Habano. It's enjoyable.
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    What's in your pipe today? 2017

    Just found some vintage Flying Dutchman at an estate sale, sealed and ready to smoke. The test pinch was quite enjoyable.
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    Just Noted It's Bsneed51's Birthday!

    Happy late bday buddy.
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    RIP Smokyballs

    What is there to say....FUCK CANCER! Miss you buddy.....
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    RIP Avo

    It was 10 years ago when Avo was at Outlaw and pretty much spent the whole day playing a baby grand piano that was brought in for the event. What a wonderful time. It shall not be forgotten.
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    Buena Vista's On Sale Again

    Well that cost me $45. Based on this thread though I shouldn't be disappointed :)
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    FDA Decimation- Who's Left Standing?

    Look, logic and reason have never gotten in the way of the government before, why should it start now.