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    Thank YOU CP-ersuntil you folks informed me

    Spent all kinds of it Doc, now I have to finish the humidor expansion so I have a place to put it all.
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    Thank YOU CP-ersuntil you folks informed me

    Be there in 3 days, can't wait.
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    Best Fuel for Xikar Torch Lighters?

    Xikar or lava, colibri fuel is not that good.
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    Ohio Herf Part Duex

    Depending on date and location I might take the drive in as well.
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    Where to go from Antietam cabinet humidor?

    I'll 2nd Bob, his humi cabinets are fantastic mine almost 15yrs and still keeps the sticks perfect.
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    Calling Ohio Members

    My place in PA is always open...Shameless plug...Also, great store in Mentor, OH might bring some of the Cleveland folks out or even some of my crew from Erie area.
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    Somebody Better Be Paying My Wife's Therapy Bill

    The only thing I can say here is "quit being a dick".....lmfao
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    France bans certain cigar brands...

    What goes through these folks heads, besides air???
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    Any Car enthusiast's here?

    If/when gtadroptop pops in to check the board, he will chat your ear
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    Cigar Shop Etiquitte Issues

    As a shop owner I know of some that require you to only smoke cigars bought there in their lounge, that is their prerogative. The rule I have always used is you get something from the humidor here I really don't care what you bring to smoke, since I charge no fees for our lounge I like to see...
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    Smoke in new car?

    Smoke the 1st cigar in the new car as I drive it off the lot.
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    Want the review on the Rum as well or just the Scotch??
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    2016 Scotch Buy Update II

    Thanks again for all your work on this
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    Commercial Flights and all to the island

    Good info thx.