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First off, hi Pookie! to my best friend. Enjoying time with family and friends. Watching bullfights on acid. Learning about and loving life. I take any father/son time I can get now. We enjoy hunting, and skeet/sporting clays. <br /><br />Enjoying trying out new sticks all the time. Glad to have stumbled on CP as there are great people here (even the guys from CO). Hope to herf with some of ya'll. If your in SE Wisconsin, drop a brother a line.

Newbie Sampler with husker & golfgar

Buys/rimjobs/reacharounds/trades from:
alextp, centurycigar, Mark Twain, Young Smoke, MRepp, rigo, The Volusiantor, BobbyRitz, psyktek, duglynukem, nfulton, Azoetia, Burnt Tongue, cookie_1978, John Holmes, Smellysell, defetis, cmygtgo, Dickson, DKAudio, billytpage, dkprlp, PTownsend, rigo, Jeff1101, Gator, insight, Nathal Rahl, Opus Mex, tmskenney, mmburth, Fatken, Mrepp, beacredo, cookie_1978, lucasbuck, Ginseng, Mephiston

Passed along the Hot Potato Bomb!
Cigar Draft 2006 rocked!!
Newbie Training Pass
iPass Jazz
Wish list had come and gone thanks ta ya'll :)

Favorites: VSG, any Padrons or Fuentes, Hemingway maduro, Short Stories, WOAMs, Opus PC, Anejo, anything Pepin touches, La Gloria Cubanas Wavell, RASS, Avo LE05, any habanos PCs!!

Wish List:
I love collecting Habanos tubos. I'll take/trade any you got

Padron 80th (LilBastage got me, I'll take another though:D)
Don Carlos lancero (Mr. Wolf Da Man!)
God of Fire
Don Carlos lancero :D
858 Rosado
HdM double corona
Partagas Lusitaina (Thanks A)
Cuaba Salamone(Adrain again!)
Cohiba Siglo VI tubo
RASCC (Steve-O Hawk!!)
Trinidad Robusto extra
Jan 14, 1975 (Age: 48)
Sailing the Seas of Cheese....


Yahoo! Messenger


Toodles bit-ches,

SAPs----- Bob's Bodacious Blank Bands


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