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    Artists/Crafters/Creative Projects?

    I started my own small business a couple years back but have been in the field for about 15yrs. I am a mason by trade and recently have started to do more creative projects on the side regarding stone carvings. I hope to one day take my business into this more creative aspect but that will come...
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    Artists/Crafters/Creative Projects?

    I thought this may be a good thread to (re)start for the community regarding all that is creative. If you are an artist, a craftsman, like to 'up-cycle', are into design, a writer, or create larger-unique projects then this may be a good thread for you to participate in or follow… Hopefully...
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    Garden Thread

    I have been thinking about pulling the trigger on some of the dwarf fruit trees from the following link. More specifically the "DWARF" varieties suitable for my area. I would like to get a couple different fruits established. I have done a lot of...
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    Garden Thread

    I remember as a kid, my father would save the seeds from his heirloom crops. When I got older and had my own garden(s), I never saved them. It always seemed like a lot of effort, but I may try and give it a go this year? You know, it's funny… I saw many more squirrels living in the city limits...
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    Quad State Herf XIII - August 4th, 2018

    Nashkicker said he has to go to a wedding that day….but we will keep his ticket just in case he finds his balls before then. ;) Looking forward to another fantastic year! Thanks Charlie for being you.
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    Garden Thread

    @ Whylieineedacigar Newbie Gardener eh? Well, Congratulations on the new endeavor! I agree with you, as would most, that the food you grow as compared to the produce(if you can call it that) you buy from the markets is far more superior in both taste & nutritional value. It's funny you...
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    What's the meaning of your CP name?

    This thread may be fun to 'bump' since it's been some time? Perhaps the newer members would like to review and/or contribute. Cheers...
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    Garden Thread

    Thanks! It is a lot of work, but I really enjoy the constant expansion and trail & errors. I typically like to start my seeds indoors. Some plants that need a little longer in the seedling stage before transplanting I buy as starters from the local farms. However, the space I am currently living...
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    Homemade Bread ?

    It took me an entire year to get the Rosemary Olive Oil recipe down to memory and accurate consistency. Some batches were better than others and was a little rough at the start. It took many attempts on how long to mix the dough before letting it rise….how much kneading was necessary before...
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    Garden Thread

    A lot has changed since this thread started….including a number of 'moves'. However, I have been busy with the home front and thought I would revive this thread and do some updates with pictures of my current garden (if I can remember how to upload them). For now I will just give you a run down...