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Smoking Mex

Prefer shaped cigars Torpedo's, Piramides, Perfecto's etc.
Always looking to try great regional beers.
Football: Tennessee Titans
Baseball: Los Angeles Dodgers
Basketball: Los Angeles Lakers

Favorite Smokes:
Bolivar Belicoso's, RC's
Montecristo #2, 4, Edmundo, and Petit Edmundo
RyJ Short Chruchils
Padron 64' and Serie 26'
Cabaiguan Guapo
La Riqueza #2

Wish List Habanos:
All Edicion Regional (Regional Releases)
All Edicion Limitada's (Limited Editions)
Edmundo Dante Conde 109 ER (Mexico)
Bolivar Salomon (China)
Cuaba Piramide
RyJ Petit Piramide
Cohiba Piramide 01'
Davidoff Dom P
Cohiba Maduro (jacks)

Non Habanos:
Padron 80th (StinkiMonki)
Padron Millenium
Padron Reserva De La Familia
LBMF (Raffle)
Chili Pepper (B.HOBS)
Casa Fuente Torpedo (alexgtp)
Padilla Miami 8 & 11 Torpedo (alexgtp)
Hemingway BTL (tkoepp)
Don Carlos Edicion De Aniversario (StinkiMonki)
Tatuaje Bombazo
Tatuaje Maravilla

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Many, Many More

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I have bombed a few B/SOTL more to come...

Herfed With:
Rod (Rod)
cigarlady (Ashley)
chewbacco (Darrick)
saka (Joe)
seadub (Chris)
jacks (Jack)
badhangover (Ray)
traveldude (Darrel)
Putz Mulligan (Charlie)
chrls67 (Charley)
hoshnasi (Josh)
sekoudog (Larry)
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StinkiMonki (Geoff)
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Turk10mm (Tony)
actin4life (Matt)
CgrDan (Dan)
kiwifruit (Chico)
botl43 (Mark)
pimpin (Erich)
atuck (Alan)
botl43 (Mark)
audilicious (Kyle)
BigMacFU (Sean)
B.HOBS (Billy)
wpeloqui (Willie)

CoHosted Calling All So Cal BOTL I aka Glendale Hilton Herf 10/18/07
CoHosted Calling All So Cal BOTL II aka Matt Denny's Herf 10/25/07

The Shark Pass (Cut Short)
2007 Summer Cigar Draft Numero Dos
The "Christ, I got married pass"
The Shark Pass II (If At First You Don't Succeed)
I Need a Distraction Pass

Opus 22 Charity Set Raffle 2/8/08

Contact Info:
Adrian Gil
7121 Flora Ave
Bell, Ca 90201
Nov 10, 1977 (Age: 43)
Dodgertown And Lakerland, CA




"A fine cigar is just like a woman. If you don't light it up just right, and suck on it with a certain frequency,
it will go out on you."