10th Anniversary Flores y Rodriguez by PDR Cigars - Review


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Today I smoked the 10th Anniversary Floes y Rodriguez by PDR Cigars. I was pleasantly surprised by not only by the quality, but the overall flavor profile. I've heard a little about PDR, but didn't know much about them until I decided to research them a bit. A beautiful day in So Cal, with a constant cool breeze and a temp in the high 60's. Excellent weather for a cigar! :)


General Info
WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Habano
BINDER: Olor Dominican Republic
FILLER: Dominican 7 Year Old Seco Ligero Piloto Cubano (Aged 7 years) and Viso from Jalapa, Nicaragua
SIZE: Robusto / 5" x 52 ring
Link to manufacturer site: https://www.pdrcigars.com/flores-y-rodriguez/10th-anniversary/

Very solid cigar in the hand, well constructed. Larger ring gauge than I typically smoke. Pre-light smell was full of rich tobacco and slight spiciness.

Once the cigar was fully lit, I got a good hit of spiciness in the back of my throat immediately. Already satisfied as I love spicy cigars. The cigar remained very peppery for about 7 minutes or so, and then begins to fade away into a thick creamy smoke. I got quite a bit of fresh baked bread flavor in the beginning, which transitioned into a slightly anise taste. The smoke bellowed from this cigar, and definitely smelled great.


After about 15 minutes or so in, the anise undertones remained and slowly transitioned back to mild black pepper/spice. At this point I detected sugar cane/sweetness along with some mild cocoa.

The final 3rd of the cigar presented a roasted nut flavor with mild cocoa and sugary undertones, with a hint of anise from time to time. The smoke remained very thick and creamy throughout, and had a very nice clean mouth feel. No bad aftertaste whatsoever.


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this cigar! PDR Cigars did a fantastic job, and I'm glad I was able to give it a try. My only complaint is as the cigar began to burn close to the band, I tried removing the white band, however it didn't want to come off. Generally the heat from the cigar looses up the glue on the band, allowing it to peel off very easily. But the band wouldn't budge! It was either I smoke the band (which I wasn't about to do) or carefully tear it off. I chose to carefully tear it off the cigar. Unfortunately this caused the wrapper to fall apart a bit. Other than that, excellent cigar that I would recommend to most any cigar smoker.

This is more of a morning/mid-afternoon smoke, as it was not too heavy; I considered it more medium bodied.

If you have the opportunity, give it a try. It might become something you add to your rotation!


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Damn your "constant cool breeze and a temp in the high 60's" to hell! :)

Great review, Rod. Been there with stubborn bands. I wonder if someone has made a special tool to deal with stubborn bands?

Yes, I know about scissors. :p