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2001 VSG ER


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Apr 8, 2023
2001 VSG Estate Reserve Belicoso No 1

In 2001, Prometheus and Ashton teamed up to make the Ashton VSG Estate Reserve. This cigar combined the Dominican Fuente Sun Grown Rosado wrapper from the OpusX and the filler and binder from the VSG cigars. These were only available in the limited edition Prometheus humidors that included 100 VSG ER cigars with a price tag of $5000. That was a whole lot of money back in 2001 for 100 cigars and a humidor. I was lucky enough to have friends at the Cigar Family website who sent me a variety what was included in the humidor. Disclaimer: mailboxes were hurt and destroyed in the making of this story ;-)

Pre-light observations. This cigar has that beautiful reddish brown rosado wrapper used on the early production opus X cigars. After cutting the cigar the draw is effortless so I have a little concern about construction if it will get too hot as it burns down.

First third
Really complex with a lot of flavors going on. Some nice spiciness that has mellowed over the years but balanced well with the leather and slight floral notes. The creamy cedar flavor from the rosado wrapper bring everything together for this VSG Opus X hybrid. The draw is effortless and the burn perfect.

Second third
All the flavors present in the first third are continuing on still with the perfect burn and effortless draw. As I get closer to the final third the floral notes go away but I still have that mellowed spiciness, leather and really creamy cedar flavor from the rosado wrapper with a little bit of earthiness making for a really enjoyable smoke. I’m pleasantly surprised at how all the initial flavors for the most part are still there this far into the cigar.

Final third
The mellow spices are going away but the blend of the rich tobacco in the binder and filler from the VSG really balances perfectly with the Opus X rosado wrapper and the creamy cedar flavor so even with a little bit more earthiness coming on it’s definitely still complex not mono tone by any means. Enjoyable all the way to the end. Burn was perfect start to finish and even with that effortless draw it never got hot even all the way at the end. Great smoke. Aged supremely well. Can’t wait to smoke the next one.
Great review.. I don't pine after too many sticks these days.. but I've known about and wanted to try any of those for years. Glad to see they're holding their own after all that time. 👍