2021-07 Punch Petit Coronations (LGR April 2019)

cabaiguan juan

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Aug 30, 2006
I don't have much, if any history with Punch, and I have not seen or heard anything about this cigar so I was very curious what would come of it.
1/3: It had a little bit of a tight draw, but surprisingly the PerfecDraw wasn't the least bit required to make this an enjoyable smoking experience. Side bar: It is amazing how dense and tight a cigar can be, even after 2 weeks in a dry box, and yet they can still draw fine, assuming you are patient enough to sip them. Ok, back to the cigar. Red pepper spice is the first thing I taste, wow. A few puffs later I begin to taste something earthy but it is hard to tell over the pepper. I begin to taste mineral and eventually salt- not saline, which I believe is like a watered down salt, but pure rock salt. This being a short cigar, the first third ends quickly, even while sipping. The first third closes out with salt and mineral. The red pepper is gone.
2/3: The second third starts off with some type of wood, but I am not sure what type. As the second third ends, I get beef with maybe some sharp cheddar or even some black olives. IF you look on the flavor wheel, both flank the beef flavor, so I'm getting beef plus or minus one.
3/3: The final third begins with licorice and wasabi. It shifts to French toast and cream after a little bit. Finally, it raps up the final third with buttered corn on the cob.
The last third had the most flavor changes of any cigar that I have reviewed so far. I have come to notice that the first third is packed with a variety of flavors, while the second third is pretty monotone, if you will. And the final third, is usually a small handful of flavors from the first third. I like how this one broke the pattern that I have been experiencing. I would certainly be interested in exploring Punch some more. @H. Vachon , assuming that you may have tried this in the past, do you think what I wrote was anywhere close to being on the mark?15F2D648-C1D1-44A0-AC48-4DCA8F0711AE.jpegEEDF6748-7177-4194-8421-DE4F54F4A4CF.jpeg
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H. Vachon

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Aug 30, 2019
Charcuterie board aside, I definitely see the cedar (wood), butter, cinnamon (French toast), red pepper and earth. I can’t say I’ve gotten beef, cheese or olives from a cigar. Fun to read, my friend. Nice review


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Jun 18, 2006
Who needs food when they make cigars like this 😉. Seriously great review I need to track down a few of these to compare the flavors