2021-14 Romeo y Julieta Belvederes (2018) *Second Edition

cabaiguan juan

Is 40 too early for Centrum Silver?
Aug 30, 2006
In this edition, the draw was perfect! I was excited to see what the difference in draw would do.
1/3: Coffee, or espresso with some faint pepper. Possibly some (milk?) chocolate. This edition was way different that the first go-round where I tasted wood, salt and must. I prefer this versions flavor.
2/3: Cheyenne pepper and nutmeg. Again I prefer this to the mustard and soap of the earlier edition.
3/3: Cheyenne pepper and milk chocolate, like you would find in one of those fancy, spicy chocolate bars. Again, much different flavors the the previous one.
This was fantastic! I would seek more of these out. I much preferred this version to the other one.