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I noticed an ammonia smell in a Hoyo de Monterry that I just smoked. i got it from last week and put it in my coolidor. I haven't noticed it in another cigar from the coolidor, although the only other one I've smoked recently was last Friday. Could it be due to the coolidor or was it overhumidified before being sent to me?


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If you're not smelling ammonia when you open your coolidor, don't worry about it. It's possible that it was overhumidified before you got it. Did it have draw or burn problems? Split foot? If none of these then it was probably ok. Cigars give off ammonia as they age - it's a byproduct of fermentation. So it could be that the HdM just needed some more sleepy time before you smoked it. Or it could have been stored with other cigars that were giving off ammonia.

It is important, however, to open your cooler ever week or so at least to let it air out (this is rarely a problem for me :) ). A wooden humi doesn't have this problem because it will "breathe".


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Well, it looks like things are fine then. I smoked a different cigar from a wooden humidor of mine and it didn't taste right either. I think it's because I'm just getting over being sick and maybe all the cigars are going to be a bit funky to me. I guess I should wait a couple of days before smoking again.