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Jan 2, 2021
I ship guitars now & then, and I utilize USPS for domestic (USA) shipping.
I sold two guitars so far in 2021, and I sold an old, vintage ProCo The Rat.
I always use USPS Priority for my guitars, and I used it for shipping The Rat.

One guitar took 7 days to deliver when it should have been there in 3 days.
One guitar took 3 days to deliver which was spot on.
The Rat took 2 days to deliver for a 3 day delivery window.
So, my take away from this average of delivery performance is this; things at USPS seem to be kinda f***ed up but only to a small degree.

I also received a cigar shipment last month that was 'First Class' mail; it got to Saint Paul, MN from Florida in 2 days.
I have no idea how to reconcile what the f*** the postal service is doing these days; it makes no sense.
It seems that the location of posting & the destination location may play some role in their madness but that's just a guess.
Overall I would rate USPS performance as a 7.5 out of 10.0 which isn't terrible.
Carry on .......................

As far as the CigarPass Secret Santa 2021, I would certainly like to take part. :D
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