Any Peloton Bike riders?


Google Maps has street view, right? What about a scenic display that you move through at the speed you're pedaling? (or on a treadmill, running?) Maybe even with a programming interface that adjusts resistance to video terrain, so that if you're going up a hill in the video, pedaling gets harder?

You could have video libraries of famous streets, trails, bike races (like doing a section of the Tour de France) and the experience would feel like cycling through the actual locations ..... right down to how fast you're going.
Even better would be the ability to shift into The Flash mode, and run/bike/ski at super high speeds! Of course, if you're over 50 you have to hum the theme song from The Six Million Dollar Man while you run in slow motion but achieve 60 mph. ;)


Quietly getting back into the cigar culture.....
2 new things happened on my 20 Trap ride yesterday.

1. Used the HRM....if I was reading it right I think I died twice.....
2. Rode with Jess King, she was ok, but the music was really easy to keep on beat with and it helped push me

Off to the showroom after class today



Quietly getting back into the cigar culture.....
Taking today off, tomorrow I want to do a boot camp class but I can only find them on the app, not my bike tablet.

I bookmarked them on the app, hope they will show up on the bike now.....


Quietly getting back into the cigar culture.....
Ahh so Peloton gets sued, and classes go away....

This is why I can't find the program


Quietly getting back into the cigar culture.....
So they have the new programs back up, found it after I started the 4 week FTP program with Matt W. So I might do it after I finish.
Wrote down a schedule to make myself ride, on the off days I am working in body weight full body stuff (with a 10min warm-up ride).
Using an app called full body work out and six-pack abs to provide the content, just because it is simpler than trying to move my peloton screen. They both run full screen on my Chromebook.

On a mission to be down to 165 by the end of April, my diet is the prime offender right now, but working on it

Instructors I have ridden with, and my thoughts (it might help others looking for insights)

CDE (Christine D’Ercole) - so far my favorite but may lose that spot. She has this amazing quiet, understated confidence and motivation.

Alex Toussaint - Super motivating, in that street-ish kinda way, but not coming off "thug". Rides mainly to there is that

Ally Love - Super awesome, rides to a lot of different music styles, amazing motivation without being over the top..."can you do it? yes or yes?"

Emma Lovewell - number 2 for now, but working up the chart fast, great music selection, super motivating, really easy to look at......(if you are into that)

Jennifer Jacobs - this was my 2nd ride, don't remember it..... I guess that says it all

Jess King - so I am on the fence with her right now, although she is probably in the top 5 of my instructors. Her Trap music ride almost killed me, and her 10 min warm-up ride I did today...well she is something to behold when out of the saddle - I love what she says to push the rider, but sometimes her voice is just a little off-putting...

Matt Wilpers - this guy is great at getting you through the technique and technical side of the ride, has a great concept of how to ride by the numbers (cadence, resistance, output) and pushed me to maintain the numbers for the workout. Only one ride with him so far and the music was so-so, but beat/cadence matched very well.

Not sure if that helps anyone.