Arturo Fuente 858 Rosado 2009


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Day turned out a bit on the cloudy side, however still fairly decent out with only a slight breeze blowing. I had put on a five pound Boston butt first thing this morning to make some pulled pork BBQ, and after doing the pulling and got it all back in the slow cooker with the sauce, decided I’d come out and have a nice smoke. Jess was following me around asking, “Daddy, you gonna go out and smoke a cigar?” (She pronounces it seegar with emphasis on the gar). Of course, she wants to come out too, so after bundling her up (the wife seems to think it’s sub zero temps out for some reason) we take off out the door.

The 858 Rosado has a dull, medium brown wrapper with noticeable oil and tooth. It has a good weight to it with good bunching in the foot, is firm when squeezed, and has one prominent vein running the length. As I start punching the cap, it cracks a little seeming to be a bit on the dry side, however nothing major that would cause any issues smoking. I test the draw and find the resistance perfect with a rather musty, vegetal taste coming through.

I brought my next to last can of Ten Fidy with me, so pop it open and pour a glass full and take a slow drink. Man this is definitely some very good beer! With fire to the foot, I take a couple quick puffs and then a slow, long draw and get a medium peppery spice on the back of the tongue and throat with the smoke itself a good medium in strength. The flavors are quite interesting. There’s the musty, vegetal taste in the smoke that I got in the cold draw along with a cedar wood, and I’m most certainly detecting the Rosado wrapper, almost like I’m smoking an Opus but without the full strength. The finish has a bit of a charred taste, but in a very good way.

The burn is razor sharp with a mottled gray ash forming that has noticeable tooth throughout, and a flat coal is left after tapping it off. Good medium strength smoke flows in just the right amount through the perfect draw; spice is hitting the palate and tingling the nostrils. Flavors continue to be what I would describe as musty, vegetal, and cedar wood with a finish that is very good upon exhale, yet short on the palate.

Through the halfway point and into the final third, the cigar was quite consistent with sharp burn, perfect draw, and flavors as previously described. Certainly a thoroughly enjoyable cigar, and again reminding me of an Opus without the full strength behind it. Thanks so much John (Jfields) for the opportunity to smoke such a fine cigar!



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I really dig this cigar. It's great when I want to give my palate a break from the usual spice bombs I smoke.


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Hey Greg, thanks for the review. I still haven't tried one, but I know who I'm going to hit up to get one :whistling: :laugh:

I really wanna know; how was the BBQ?

edited to add: I'm not going to knock on your door John... I've got another huckleberry to hit up. ;)