Avallo end table humidor


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Hey guys,

I got this Avallo end table humidor last week. It was pretty dusty from sitting and the previous owner had a very crude active humidification setup. Anyways when I went to wipe it down I noticed these stains at the bottom. It smells fine inside, but before I go using it I wanted to check with the pros!

Sorry bout the pics, just getting the hang of posting here!

20180317_211200.jpg 20180317_211206.jpg 20180317_211210.jpg


Oh My!
Very nice.

And yea...sand it a little and it should be ok.
If you want - after sanding, wipe down with a very lite bleach solution - i mean very lite.
Like a cap to a couple cups or more.

It will at least help clean up they area. (at least that's what I would do).


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Thanks for the replies. I will try a light sand on it and the very light bleach wipe down. I am still working on the peltier climate control system for it, so it sit empty for a little while longer!