Ave Maria Divinia


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Ave Maria Divinia Box Press Toro

Bought at CI prerelease $3.99; current price $12.33



Smoke Time:
1 hour 50 minutes

Habano Sun Grown
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Nice scent of tobacco and cedar. Cigar is nice and square, firm to the touch with a little give.

Draw is good with only the slightest hint of tobacco flavor.

Foot toasts easily and evenly with a nice toasted cedar scent. First few puffs are low medium strength with just hints of cedar, tobacco, toast and pepper.

Cigar does start off low strength but starts to build into the first third. Pepper also becomes a little more prominent with some sweetness coming out. At the end of the third, all of the flavors are starting to smooth and meld. Burn is slightly wavy, ash is nice and tight before I knock it off after 1-1/2".
A continuation of the first third with some blasts of pepper every so often. Flavors are really starting to work together in unison, almost to the point I can't pick them out individually. Could also be the Wild Turkey I just poured having an affect. Either way I do like it. Burn did get a little screwy requiring a few small touch ups.
Flavors start to wane here while the strength builds up. It does some harshness on the last inch. Not terribly so, but I could do without.
Not as strong as the Reconquista and more complex then the core line IMO. At the $4 price tag I would definitely get this again, $12 not so much. I have heard cigars from AJ do well in aging so will be putting my last three on ice for a while and see how they do.
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Secret Squirrel
Good review and very much agreed...
Not sure why'd they'd ever try to sell them at the $12 mark...
It's  asolid smoke though for the entry level price..


Shut up baby I know it!
Wow, two and a half years since I got these. I pulled out the last of the OR fiver I bought to check it out. At the half way mark as of this writing and I am enjoying it. The strength is about a medium, the flavors are subdued with just a nice clean tobacco taste. A nice cigar any time of day.

Johnny B

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I've been sitting on an Argentum Perfecto I got in a sampler from CI a little over a year ago... I may have to bring it out and smoke it later this week.


One Leg Of Fury.
I was wondering if you were still smoking Ave Marias on any regular basis. I recall when you first did this review!