Bad cigar weekend...

Matt R

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Well, not much to recommend after this weekends smokes. I had a couple of smokes that I expected what I got and deserve it, since I went ahead and smoked 'em. I had a machine made smoke gifted from RAF back at the first Chicago get together, It was a neat looking little guy with some short filler hanging out the end to give it a broom stick look. While it was o.k. for a machine made I wouldn't buy any. Would have made it better if I would have smoked it in RAF's company. The other down side was a Diamond Crown Maduro Belicoso. This bady looked so nice. Dark, rich looking wrapped that dripped with oil. Man, what a downer. None, Nad, zilch in the flavor department, just like it's lighter colored cousins. I got this smoke through a pass and thought it looked like a great smoke. Went to the local shop and saw that it was &#3620 each. Take heed.....Do NOT pay &#3620 for one of these rockets. I might as well have just rolled up the newspaper and smoked it.
The one bright note was a Veguero #2 from that not so far away land south of Miami. It was a tasty little number that would have been even better with a bit of age. I'll have to stick the others, or should I say other, I think I only have one left :(, in the bottom of the box for a few years.
I hope you all's weekend smokes were better than mine!


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i agree on the diamond crown's, total disappointment with a big price tag. those machine made's from RAF sound like his Mocambo's from ireland, mocambo wilde havana's i believe. cool little smokes.