Beef Jerky Tips: Taking all information


J.C. Newman owes me royalties.
Going to dabble into some beef jerky making at home. I've got a Nesco Snackmaster Pro enroute to the house.

Any good tips out there? Best cuts of meat to use? How thin to slice? How about some secret marinades?

I'm taking all tips and suggestions......@Hillbilly Steaks ;)
Hey Wyatt, good to hear you're going to be doing some smoking. I'd be glad to help out. Is there anything in particular you're trying to make??? Beef, turkey, fish, etc. spicy, salty, easy to chew or kinda tough like old school jerky.
Edit..... Just saw you're getting a dehydrator. Man I've made a lot of jerky on those things over the years. Let me look up a few things when I get home. I got you...