Bills back contest. H Upmann Sir Winston


Shut up baby I know it!
I was generously given this cigar by a member here so I decided to enjoy it for Fathers Day. Dated December 2010. The prelight had an aroma and taste of clean tobacco. The draw was just right.
This thing was great right off the bat. The draw was perfect, flavors like wood hay and a hint of leather worked together perfectly. The aroma on the retrohale was wonderful with pepper. I would break down a review by thirds, but this one doesn't need it. It kept going all the way to the end. A cigar that evolves is great, but a cigar that knows what it is and doesn't budge from it is rare. This is one cigar that should find a spot in any humidor if possible. I had a Ghosted Reserve 21 to start and water to finish.