Blind Cigar Review - Pay it Forward #2!


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Gimme Gimmie. I haven’t done this in a long time, and I always screw it up, so I’ll give you guys someone to yell at.???


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Landed safe n sound! Gonna let these rest at least a week then post a review. Maybe at the upcoming Colorado HERF.

Ed (Pugman) has next. I’ll get something packaged up for ya Friday or Saturday.




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‘‘Tis time to pay the piper. Caesar was the passer and I’ll be honest, I asked for anything but an ISO because I don’t know chit about those island smokes, so I had hopes I wouldn’t embarrass myself.

I gave it a weeks rest and then it was time. It was a great looking stic, only one vein of notice but it did not impede its overall appearance. After clipping the cap I gave it a dry draw. I did not notice any hay or grass nor anything else, so I had hope it might be a Dom or Nic.

Ignition hit me with a gentle touch of spice, the second puff added a abundant amount of smoke and it was off to the races. I didn’t want to push it and I didn’t. If there was an excellent quality it was maintaining staying lit. A little further down the road I bumped into a lite citrus note. It was a pleasant surprise, not overwhelming but making its presence known.

All through this educational experience I noticed how smooth a smoke this was. I also decided the was so smooth that it was either an extremely well aged non island smoke or..... a awfully great ISO. I opted for the latter.

Which ones? Beats the heck out of me, but I have to say again it was SO SMOOTH. I was in love?. My guess was Cohiba only because everything seems to be measured against their greatness. As the pics will show, I was wrong, but in this case my mind and taste buds were enlightened by how great a smoke this was. Thank you Caesar for blowing me away.FF834C12-D383-4673-B016-1F040F4807E7.jpeg5C358F8B-CC2D-4B4B-93E9-78CEA65A630B.jpegFF834C12-D383-4673-B016-1F040F4807E7.jpeg



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Ok, I get it. First was Thanksgiving, then Black Friday, now Cyber Monday. Know what that means,



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I’m going about this wrong. I’m the one retired, have all the time in the world. When you are ready, ring my bell.

BUMP ?????