Bolivar Coronas Extra Cabinet 2003


Growing too fast.
Yep. Fall is definitely here. Temperature this morning is a very cool fifty-six degrees. With the slight breeze blowing and humidity right at seventy percent, it actually feels a bit cooler. The sky is crystal clear blue and the sun’s rays slowly appearing along the ground makes it one beautiful sunrise. Mandy usually finds herself a nice spot in the sunlight; however this morning she’s got her nose on the door wanting back in to curl up in her bed, getting old she is. I’ve brought out with me a 2003 Bolivar CE Cabinet, which is one gorgeous cigar with an oily, milk chocolate colored wrapper that is silky smooth except for the small veins running throughout. It has a perfect weight in the hand, is firm when squeezed, and after punching the triple cap I find the draw with perfect resistance. Taste of well matured straightforward tobacco comes through in the cold draw.

The foot lights easily, and the smoke wafting up to my nose smells heavenly. After several quick puffs taken in intervals and a small amount of ash have formed, I take my first long, slow draw. Perfect mild to medium white pepper spice hits the back of the tongue and throat, the smoke itself is right at medium strength with the body medium to full and oh so smooth over the palate. Flavors are absolutely incredible, just pure bliss to my taste buds with a richness that makes me stop and just stare at the cigar as I exhale slowly through mouth and nose. Deep, rich, dark cocoa comes to mind with coffee and cream lingering in the long, lasting finish.

Through the first half, the burn is razor sharp with a very dark, compact ash forming that holds strong until tapped off. The medium strength smoke is flowing well through the perfect draw with the spice continuing to hit the palate just right. There’s a silky smoothness to the smoke as it passes over the tongue with the flavors amazingly rich with tastes consistent and rather complex. Oh man am I loving this cigar!

Halfway and into the final third, the cigar performs flawlessly with sharp burn and rich medium to almost full strength smoke flowing in abundance through the perfect draw. This is one of those smokes that ends much too quickly, and the kind that makes you want to immediately go in search of. What an amazing cigar and one of the best Bolivars I’ve smoked, at least in quite some time. Bob my friend, thank you so very much for sending such an excellent cigar!