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Hello. I've been turned onto La Gloria Serie "N" Oscuro! My (so far) rich, sweet, strong heavenly stick. Has anyone else tried these and what do you think? Best, LeRoy P.S. (#2 fave is the Partagas 1845 Oscuro Extra) Best, LeRoy


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LeRoy. We are family here, but a few rules. Please, do what is right, lets get to know each other. Don't just walk into a room and expect us to stop what we are doing. Welcome, but you gotta follow the simple rules.


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The sticks you mentioned are most likely dyed to obtain that dark color. There are articles out there describing that process. Mostly related to Onyx cigars.

There are other maduro/oscuro cigars out there that don’t use such processes. One that comes to mind is the Anejo line from Artuto Fuente Cigars. If you haven’t tried them, give them a whirl. The Maduro line in other Fuente cigars would be a less costly alternative. Yey, in my opinion, you get your money’s worth out of Anejos.