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can't upload a profile pic


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Any idea why I can't upload a profile pic?  I've tried several times from 2 PC's and no joy. 
One is a .jpg of 70.8KB
The other is a .png of 10.2 KB


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I know some pics from the internet are not supported on the site so that could be one problem.  Loading pics is one of the last things I end up getting right so your not alone in having trouble.  I will let someone with more knowledge give some good instructions.


What does this button do again?
You can link, but not load. I could only ever get it to work by hosting my photo on Photobucket and linking it. Also, I found it easier to do on a computer than on a phone or tablet.


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From a phone, download tapatalk app. It will be easy then. From a computer, or phone. You can use tapatalk or photobucket. You can always search for an informational how to you tube video.