CAO rolling event


I went to one last night in norwalk ct and it was fantastic!! Great cigars(free) great 12 year old rum(free) and the food was decent too!! All free. The people from CAO were very gracious hosts and hostesses and the smokes they gave away were very good. Unfortuanately with about 300 people there it was difficult to get one as they were being rolled but i did get 10 free ones with the box of CAO extremes I bought. These are about 3 months old though.
Ilene who is the Daughter of the owner of CAO was very pleasent to speak with and if shes coming anywhere near you I would recommend you go and see her. Actually everyone from CAO was great and they made it a great event. I hope they come around again soon.
If you go to the cao website and click on events you can see where they will be for the next few months. Seems they also bring with them a good selection of thier cigars(of course) and it is kind of nice since many of thier line is always sold out. Especially the extremes


that's a good idea....maybe I will call them or go beg on the new perdomo site for an event here in VA(Edited by Texcigar at 8:23 am on Mar. 9, 2001)