Cig Sid’s Bomb Contest RyJ Edition Limitada 2004 Hermosos #2 (Woohoo Wildcard)


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My goodness! Tax season has kept me busy. I’ve spent nearly every waking moment running numbers and packaging returns, helping my Dad at his office.

But I still had time (between snowstorms) to smoke one spectacular cigar that was sent to me by Bill. And I know, I’m posting a review at the 11th hour, but I can’t just let Scap and BBS calmly wait for their votes to come in without scaring them!

So here was my cigar!

But before we begin... here are my complete notes that I took while smoking this incredible stick.

- - -

Holy mother of mary.

I can already tell this is in my top five cigars of all time. It’s got the fruitiness and flowery taste of a Dominican stick and I’ve just never tasted anything like this in a Cuban.

Jeez. I can’t even. This is crazy good.

Screw it. I can’t even describe this. There’s just no way. Top 5 of all time. Probably number 1. I give up. I’ll just nub it and try to describe it after.

- - -

So now I will go back and tell you about each picture I took!


There was snow on the ground. I didn’t care. I think that’s an Altoids pack on the table next to my diet Mountain Dew. I have high taste in beverages and mints. :D I was probably thinking something like “I love cigars, especially ones sent by Bill” or perhaps “Look at that beautiful stick!”

It smelled amazing.


I gave it a V-cut. I do remember that much. But I’m glad I took the photo of the cut or I would’ve forgotten completely. Because the next part got intense.


There’s a big blank spot here where I took the first puff and realized how incredible this stick was! After my head exploded, I turned to my friend Taylor (his shadow is on the back wall) and told him this cigar is insanely good. I’d only ever had an illusione (NC) that had such strong hints of floral and fruity notes, and this had sweet hay as well. It was delightfully confusing.


At this point, my 8 month’s pregnant wife decided that grilled honey-chicken was necessary for life, and gravity flipped on its side! It was a crazy few minutes.

So I began grilling honey chicken while slowly enjoying this stick. This was around the time that I gave up trying to describe it and decided to savor it.


Nearly an hour since starting, Taylor had headed home and I refused to go back inside until my cigar was done. I considered the fact that one probably shouldn’t argue with a very pregnant wife, but eventually decided I could die happy after finishing this stick.


In conclusion, there’s always a bright spot. Having opportunities to smoke cigars like this one are part of what makes this hobby so great, and what makes this place so great.

Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment, good friends, grilled food, and breathe a little. So a MASSIVE thank you to Bill for gifting such a wonderful cigar to me. It truly was incredible.



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Awesome!! So glad to hear how amazing this was as I was going to review the same stick. However, I feel that time will get the best of me and I wont be able to get it in before the contest ends, but I will review it later. SO my hope is you win Brian! Go team RyJ04!

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I can relate to this review. I've smoked a few cigars this past year that have overwhelmed my senses and instead of trying to critique it I've just tried to bask in their glory!

Thanks for reminding me that I don't have to have an amazing palate to enjoy truly amazing cigars.


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Just reread this review. I am surprised you are still breathing after telling your wife you were going to finish that cigar :)

These are also in my top 5 favorite sticks... I just might fire one up in the next few days...