CigSid's "bomb" review contest... Part 2


Love this place...
Yes, it is about time for a good contest...Part 2

How about a fiver of some amazing PRE-EMBARGO CUBAN CIGARS :) (to be announced in the next few days) These are some of the very best cigars in my collection.

One I can tell you about is the 1957 Montecristo No 1 that are just crazy good, that will be part of this package.

Here we go:

Many of you have received cigars from me. This is a contest for the best review of a cigar that I sent you.

If I have never sent you a cigar, or you smoked them all, you can still enter, but with a "Video Review" instead of a written review. Such as Jfields...

Reviews have to be labeled "CigSid's "bomb" contest (then your cigar here)

As usual, the winner will be determined by "like" votes.

Contest started yesterday, March 30th and ends April 14th at 11:59 PM EST.

Now lets see some reviews!!

Good luck!


Love this place...
Here is a beautiful Partagas Eminentes from 1953 that will be included within this fiver... “Clearly one of the best cigars I have ever smoked” said my good friend (and doctor) John... “and I really mean it this time”

I tend to agree with John, which never happens...



Love this place...
Just to make sure everyone saw this...

A lot of you know how long I have been collecting (smoking) Cuban cigars... The pre-Embargo fiver the winner will get has 3 cigars that scored 100 points, and 2 that scored 99...

If you want a chance at them, you’ve got to do a review.