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College football/Superbowl Trivia Contest


New Member
Aug 5, 2003
Okay, with the college football season already started and the NFL season just around the corner, let's kick it off with a college football/Superbowl trivia contest.

The first person with the correct answer wins a mystery 3-pack of middle-of-the-road stogies. (Hey, I'm on a budget, remeber?) :D

Here's the question:

Only one former BIG-TEN quarterback has played on the winning side in more than one Rose Bowl game and more than one Super Bowl game. WHO IS HE?

There is only one catch - the correct answer must be submitted by SUNDAY, AUGUST 31, 2003 @ 8:00pm PST.

Good Luck!
did he actually play
or was he just on the winning side?
He couldn't have actually played...the closes answer that I know of is Bob Griese...but he only won 1 Rose Bowl.

I guess I don't see how this even has a correct answer. The first Super Bowl was in 1967...so even if you go back 10 years to 57 and you figure in a player being "Red Shirted"(and I'm not even sure when Red shirting even started) and being on the team for 5 years, only Iowa (57', 59'), Michigan (89', 93') and Wisconsin (99', 00') have a possibility of producing a QB that could have been on 2 Rose Bowl winning teams. Non of the multi-winning SP QB starters other than Griese played in the Big Ten...so it would have to be a back-up. I can't personally recall a QB from either of those programs in those years that sat the bench for more than one Super Bowl winner. Grbac won 2 Rose Bowls, but sat the bench for only 1 Super Bowl with San Fransico. Wisconsin won with Brooks Bollinger...He just graduated. I can't recall Iowa producing this person.

I know it looks like I did alot of research...but I have a mass of stat pages bookmarked.LOL. I'd love to know the anwser.
that's kinda where i was beasty.
the only big-ten multi SB winning QB that i
knew of was griese, but he didn't win multi
rose bowls.

In response to the question "Did he actually play or was he just on the winning side?" - I know for a fact he actually played in two Rose Bowl games on the winning side and he definitely played in one Super Bowl on the winning side. He has 3 Super Bowl rings as a player (he didn't get any of his rings as a coach or whatever). I am still researching if he actually played in the other two Super Bowls.
I should have known...you frickin Spartan fans diggin up ancient history just to find someone that was worth a chit in "green".LMAO. I guess I didn't go far enough back.

Earl Morrall
I'm going to guess Earl Morrall!

Dang-I just re-read the previous post...dang, dang, dang!

Nice job Beast!!! You were right I think!
You are a giving soul my friend. I really worked to find that dang name. You won fair and square!!!

Nice Work.
Jim, thank you so much. Got the box today. Nice assortment. I will enjoy them all. Thanks for your willingness to do this!!! :D :D :D

And thank you to Beast, for lettin second place be first. :D
Well, Joe, I've offered up that question in lots of trivia questions, and no one ever got it before.
Heck, if I'd known I was gonna have to pay up, I would have made the prize one or two cigars instead of three! :p