CPASS 10 year anniversary


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Ten years. Time flies. I’m grateful for each and everyone of you here on Cigar Pass. Contest/Quiz time!

Winner to first answer all correctly wins some super premium aged grape white owls! ;)

1) This CP brother came to my aid and helped me right the ship when I first joined. I owe him. If it wasn’t for him I probably would’ve been banned.

2)This tech company still owns an orchard on land in the city I was born in.
One of you guessed a name which starts with the same letter as this company.

3) I purchased my first home at what age?
I was in my 20’s (1st home, not current, which is my second).

4) My first job was?
(Food related)

5)My second car was?

6)I was bombed by this BOTL/service member who is amongst the ancestors now.
Real name begins with T, handle begins with the letter which is before T.

7)Who won my last contest?

8)What year was my daughter born?

One guess per member per day.

Good luck.
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Well C, I’m happy for you and the 10 years. Time indeed does fly. Contest wise, since I can’t navigate SS without being exposed your contest is no place for me, but I wish you the best.