Do not drink!


Bueller.... Bueller...... Anyone....... Anyone?

My neighbor gave this to me a few years back. Nasty crap, weird flavor, stay away. I’ve tried to goad guests into drinking it but after the first one they refuse.


That's like the old warning about buying a bottle of wine with a fancy lable -- if they spend their money on the lable, they didn't spend it on the wine!


Ye Old Newbie
Had a bottle of 'small batch' rye packaged like that...a fancy label with handwritten initials of the distiller and batch number on it. Horrible stuff...tasted nasty too. We should have known being the cork broke on the initial opening.

Sort of like a Gurkha cigar...fancy packaging & questionable flavor. ;)


Habeas Punkus
Dickel used to be pretty decent stuff but I’ve had it a few times in the past couple of years and it was ‘dump-it-out’ kind of terrible. Thanks for the warning that even their super premium is gross!!!


Old School Longboard Surfer
I can not imagine that bottle of Dickel could be worst then some stuff an ex girl friends dad use to drink regularly.

It was called, Ten High, it was nasty straight, it was nasty with soda, it was something I tried twice, trying to be polite, and then passed on forever.