Drew Estates - Green Hero

To begin with, I want to thank Michael for putting in this cigar. I had wanted to try one but couldn't find any locally.
First off: Construction : This is a rag end torpedo. The wrapper is smooth a a baby's bottom and packed fairly soft. Prelight gave the smell of new mown lawn (nice).
Light: The cigar burned well for about the first two inches. It then developed a severe run down one side (had to keep burning off the wrapper to even it up).
Taste: This is a mild to medium cigar that, while I prefer a fuller bodied cigar, was smooth and creamy.
Finish: The cigar lacked complexity I associate with a fine cigar. That is not to say I didn't enjot it, just that it seemed something was missing.
Reccommendation: If you like a mild cigar and have about an hour, this would be a good choice. I wouldn't hesitate giving one to a friend.