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Electric Chair Espresso Special!


Your Coffee Guy!
Oct 29, 2003
Electric Chair Espresso Special!

$3 off every pound of this exotic blend.

Electric Chair Espresso

organic - whole beans - dark/medium roast - deep body
A secret Seven-Bean Blend from the Caribbean to India. It has very rich and exotic flavors, carries smoothly through milk with a full mocha finish. For the espresso connoisseur who thinks they’ve tried everything! Strap yourself in for a pleasantly shocking experience!
Regular $18/lb

My Seven-Bean Blend is called a Marble Roasting because six of the beans are dark/espresso roasted and the seventh is a medium roast. This make for a great crema and wonderful rich flavor.

Message or email me jerrykalal@gmail.com if you'd like me to pack up a few bags for you.
Espresso Beans Close Up.png