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Espinosa-01 Crema robusto

cabaiguan juan

My masculinity is very toxic.
Aug 30, 2006
The first in this review series and I thought that I should start with the core line of Espinosa to hopefully find out what or if there are any common flavor notes across their lines and blends.
1/3: Has a weird dichotomy between light & sweet and strong & spicy at the same time. As I move through this 1st third it becomes spicy cinnamon but with a delicate sweetness of a small bite of creme brulee.
2/3: Starts off with vanilla, burnt sugar & a hint or orange but then the orange gets replaced with raisins. The sum of these parts reminds me of bread pudding.
3/3: Strong vanilla notes and cinnamon.

Medium bodied. Great in the morning but good for anytime during the day. Wonderful cigar. I could see keeping this cigar in my humidor at all times IMG_1447.jpeg
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Enjoying this stick tonight. Agree with you. The band was a pain to remove