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Espinosa-02 Especial toro

cabaiguan juan

My masculinity is very toxic.
Aug 30, 2006
This has a very dark wrapper and a band to match!
1/3: Dark coffee & hickory. This has a very BBQ bark vibe going on here.
2/3: Dark roast coffee and/or high % cacao chocolate.
3/3: Bread with some salt. Even though it was quite a flavor change it is still very full bodied.

It did not have the sharpest of burn lines and had a portion that wanted to fight me on the draw. Perhaps underfilled, but not reflective of other Especials that I have had in the past. This along with the protocol red and blue didn’t seem to burn as you would have expected so I’m reserving my opinion on this but I’ll revisit before this series is over and will give my opinion then. Thank you for your patience.
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I spoke and you listened. Here is the first re-review of the first 3 that did not perform as expected. This time in the Robusto format. Sadly , it didn't perform as expected, again. That said, it was tasty.
1/3: Chocolaty. Like Coco Peddles or Count Chocula (w/o the marshmallows). Burn is a little wonky and the draw is a bit loose.
2/3: Flourless chocolate cake. Has some spice to it as well. The burn remainds wonky. Still, it is like smoking chocolate. More so than any other cigar that I've ever had.
3/3: Chocolate and bread.

Many relights. Burn was consistently wonky. A lot of effort to get to the final third. YMMV.