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How’s it going Caesar? Any good news brother?
Somewhat. A couple things in “review” for my wife. She will be applying to another 2-4 openings that would start in August. We are going to get help from her parents to get through what hopefully is a couple more months. We spent father’s day at my mom’s as it was her 62nd birthday. She is recovering, seeming to make progress. Still has to follow up with a cyst/glob unknown with liver ultrasound. Work, despite it’s reorganization, is looking up. We received notice a national group has formed to champion the battle against STD’s and HIV, similar to two other groups that exist and hsve worked in fighting Hepatitis and the other disease escapes me at the moment, funding from the feds has been approved to address the rise in infections across the country.

One day at a time.



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Hey C, just saw this. I really hope everything turns out in your favor and am so sorry you have to deal with it! It sucks to have so much stress at once from different directions. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and hope you have some good news soon!!


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Glad to hear things are starting to look up. Hang in there C, everything will work itself out.

ETA - When I saw the title, I was thinking that Matt Frick guy was trying to blow up your house or something!


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You are not alone. Keep on keepin on or, as the English say, buggering on. My prayers are added to all the other ones in this thread.


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Went to a place of prayer and a whole lot of positive energy yesterday. Aztec summer soltice celebration. This has always built healing and has been a part of my life for years. I thank you all again for your prayers and well wishes, seriously means a lot. Believe it when I say that my heart and emotions are positively impacted, thus allowing me more clarity and focus on creating a better tomorrow.

Here is my little one Izel participating. She has this connection/love for culture and traditions that children her age typically do not. Her sunshine is such a strong positive force.