God of Fire double robusto 2007


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Mar 3, 2018
Shoutout to @CigSid as I failed him previously and wanted redemption in doing one of these. Thank you to @jfields for providing this amazing opportunity.

Forethought: I only have 1-2 years experience with cigars so this is a newbie review by far. C624342A-649F-4F7E-B7AA-A90E557740EC.jpeg
Dry box: 5 days at 62% in a small case alone
Pair: 1800 silver sipper
Beautiful slightly oily wrap with minimal veins.
Start time: 2040
Dry draw after cut: light hay, some sweet graham cracker

Initial draws: flavors at this point were very short and mild but included some light hay, coffee, some pepper
Retro: no pepper, graham cracker with some cream with no sweetness (delicious)
First third:
Some cream with graham cracker still present. Very smooth medium bodied with no hay present. Retrohale has some mild pepper and bread flavors.
Second third:
No touch ups needed. We introduced the hay back in some with more cream, little sweetness, and a little leather. Coats the mouth in such a nice way. Retrohale is bringing back the same amount of pepper as before with bread. As it brings closer to the last of the second there is more noteable pepper coming through as expected with these fresh I’m assuming. Moving more towards a full bodied.
Final third:
Pepper coming back through the smoke. Still amazingly creamy with dark coffee that transitions to a delicious espresso but no too dark (no burnt flavor at all). Retrohale is introducing too much pepper for my taste so backing off the retrohale experience some. STILL no touch ups needed. Full bodied.
Nubbin it:
Tobacco all the way with the cream lightening up. I can start some retrohale back but it’s mostly pepper with a little hay. Requires one touch up.

Final thoughts: amazing smoke with changes in the flavor that you can tell throughout the stages. Time has definitely made the smoke as it started as a medium that moved to a full body in a slow transition. Would definitely buy if not for the price point and lack of funds but an amazing experience. Thanks!

End time: 2238 (around 2 hour smoke while doing charts)


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Jan 25, 2007
Are those snap ring pliers your using as a nub tool?


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Jan 31, 2005
Great review, kudos on the clever use of snap ring pliers...;-) Great smokes, always nice to read someone's perspective on a solid smoke.