Goin for It

Read the articles and saw a few you tubes on Cooladoors.
Why I didn't figure this one out is beyond me but this is a superb application.
I ordered a 120 qt Igloo cooler, clear un-sented water beads and a few find mesh food straining bags.
All for 90 bucks and shipped via Amazon Prime to my house today; (2 day)
There will be 20 or so boxes going into this baby tonight.
I'm pumped.
Wiped down with a damp cloth then dried.
There was no determinable smell / odor when it arrived.
I must say it is working like a champ holding at a perfect (for me) 68 percent humidity and temping out at 70 degrees.
I check it daily BTW.
I've even thrown in my Cortico tins to help them along.


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I used several coolidors for years, and I can say they by far the best humidor you can "buy". :) They hold humidity extremely well, block out all of the light, and simply gets the job done.

They also require much less maintenance then a large cabinet style humidor. Good luck with your new humis!


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The only addition to your coolidor is one or two “Oust Fans” (without the scent) they move the air occasionally to help distribute temp and humidity.