Good lighter recommendation


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Another vote for the Eagle Lighters. I bought 5 and use them all the time. If one goes bad or I lose big deal. Fortunately they all still work great after a year or more. But it's nice packing them for vacation instead of my S.T. Dupont, because no more worry if it disappears.

H. Vachon

Salty Bastard
My lcfun is a double arc lighter, which is 5 times faster and safer than a single arc electronic lighter. Compared with ordinary butane lighters, it is windproof and flame retardant without flame, and it can work well in rainy and windy days.
You only have two posts in the forum and they are both pushing your arc lighters (which are rather insufficient for cigars). Seems kind of like a sales pitch. I would recommend posting to the introduction thread if you plan on sticking around