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Hello, hello! I'm new here on Cigar Pass and Audi was nice enough to link me to this topic. I'd like to join in on the herf festivities for the 17th at Serious Cigars off 1960. All I need to know is the time, but I'm sure I can find that out by reading through the rest of this topic when I'm less lazy.


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I recall this location allows for drinking, correct? DO we have to buy at the store next door or can we bring from other places. Specifically can I bring stuff from Spec's and or homebrew?


We settled on about ~2:30
I'll probably be there around 2 or so myself.
If you're drinking, I can drive.
That depends if you want to go grab beers at Hooters in Katy after the HERF. If that's the case...I probably will. lol
Wife will be in Vegas, I'm game. This invitation is open to anyone, but we will stop discussing it in this thread as to avoid confusion. Heading to Serious now actually. I'll inquire about their rules on alcohol.

edit* so after thinking about Serious' smoke lounge and the limited space they have there. I figured we would probably end up at Cellar 17 next door as they have alcohol, food, more space, and comfier couches. I will call them today and ask if they allow outside beverages.


Serious allows beer, liquor and wine in their store. They have seating for about 8-10 and this should suffice assuming we are able to take over their entire lounge. But from what I've seen, they do tend to have a few guests/regulars whom rotate through there throughout the day. As expected, Cellar 17 (next door) does not allow any outside beverages due to the fact that they sell alcohol on the premise. They have more seating, offer food, and are also cigar friendly. Cellar 17 has a standard selection of brews but an extensive selection of wines.
Guess we'll play it by ear.
edit* and by food I mean finger foods, not full meals.


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I developed a cold last weekend and thought I would be over it by now, but I am not. I am not going to make it tomorrow. I can't taste anything with my head all clogged and I am not drinking due to the anti-biotics.

I know ya'll will have a good time, take pictures and hopefully we can do this again next month.

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With the news I got from the VA Hospital this week, I won't be making it this weekend. One of those weeks you wished you could have a drink, two or three. But I can't even do that. Oh well...maybe next time. Gonna spend the afternoon with my sister and her boyfriend. No worries...we will be smoking cigars and maybe next time I will be able to make it. :D


Aww boo. Lets turn this train back around and get it on the right track. Sorry to hear that y'all wont be able to make it this time around.

I will be there along with a few of my friends. I believe one of them has been lurking around on the boards but has yet to make his first post/intro.

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Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
I hope all of you have some fun and be sure to drink some booze for me, I know I wouldn't mind a glass or 3 right now.